Kill Scheme formed in March of 2012 from an idea that Bill Dunkleberger had.  He wanted to create a CD of original music with a mix of band members he had played with in the past.  This "CD" idea was nothing more than an amalgam of guys with different styles, different backgrounds and different tastes...and it was to be named "My Friend's Diary".  As several guys from different bands came to record and lay tracks down, Luke, Nate, Bill and Harry heard each other's tracks and needless to say, liked them.

Enter...Luke and Nate from Trinity's Ruin and Harry Kerstetter who played with Bill in the bands Identity Crisis, Copper Seven and Faith Until Falling.  This is where Luke, Nate, Bill and Harry came to like the chemistry that they had on the CD and talked about forming a band.  Looking for a drummer, Harry invited Shawn, who played with Harry dating back to middle school in a band called Sonic Fury, to try out and musical history started after their first jam session.

Kill Scheme was born and has taken on it's own identity with mind bending chops, soaring leads, heart pounding bass and blazing drums coupled with unique sounding vocals for an experience that will be everlasting.